How We Healed Broken Hearts In Record Time

So you have a broken heart

I’d like to help.

Have you ever heard a caring friend tell you,

“Time heals all wounds”?

How many times have you heard this cliche from well-meaning folks as your heart is bleeding all over the cold, hard floor?

Has it ever once been of genuine comfort?

I’m betting it felt pretty shitty. We are going to fix that right now.

ain't nobody got time for a broken heart

ain’t nobody got time for a broken heart

4 Steps To Heal That Broken Heart

Instead of passively waiting for mysterious, heart-healing time magic, try my proactive 4-step process to heal that broken heart in record time.

1. Honor your choices

You may want to beat yourself up over the choices you’ve made. Don’t.  Instead, honor those choices as necessary steps along your journey. Learn from them. Remember that you aren’t wrong, bad, or stupid for having made them. You simply have new information now and can make a different choice in the future.

2. Give your broken heart emotional support

Allow yourself to grieve in whatever way works for you. Shower yourself with the love and support you’ve been craving. Make a list of your greatest strengths and post them prominently. Proactively reach out for support from friends and loved ones. They have been where you are and you may be surprised how happy they are to help. And speaking of help…

3. Help someone else

This one is huge. You’d be amazed how useful it is to turn your attention outward and focus on someone other than yourself. This can be as formal as regular volunteer work or as informal as posting on social media that you’re looking to help someone out and see who pings you. Send a thank you note to anyone who has helped you. Text someone that you are thinking of them (NOT YOUR EX).

4. Work on yourself

Right now is the perfect time to put in some significant work on becoming the person you want to be. Take some time to reflect on:

  • who you are
  • what you need to do to become the person you want to be
  • Then do it

The truth is…

do the work

So get to work on that broken heart.

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