We are The Attractive Arts!

A team of people with far too much education, and even more experience, in how social interactions really work between people.  Started in 2006 by Ava Maven, our team has grown to a dynamic crew of awesome attraction artists.

What seems mysterious or complex to most is second nature to us, thanks to a lot of research and a touch of natural talent.

We are always training, always hiring, but most importantly always looking for ways to help people.  We believe that if everyone was really truly skilled in social dynamics and knew how to read expressions, spot lies, attract others, and speak eloquently, that many of the problems people face would be no more.

We have office space in Seattle, but also can work out of our homes, depending on what you might need and what feels most comfortable to you.  If you have questions or are interested in coaching, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Our Mission:

To help our clients attract the right kind of people into their lives, to help people find the love(s) of their life, and to help facilitate social exchange and friendly conversation. We want people walking down the street, smiling and greeting each other like old friends. And above all, we want talking to strangers to be looked upon as an enjoyable daily activity, rather than a frightening but necessary eventuality.



What is needed to solve a social is someone perspicacious enough to apply science as a tool.

Sadly, many Pick Up Artists are still using the nonsensical and completely fallacious pseudoscience to add credence to their methodology.  Meanwhile, real science applied to love and romance can completely demystify it, tell you the real reasons you feel scared and take a lot of that fear away.

There are more options for helping people than there is time available to do so.  Instead, our goal is careful application of the appropriate tools.

The basics of social interaction are researched in proxemics, occulesics, prosody and other kinesics.  But those don’t really help us with the more important problem.  Which is simply not approaching strangers enough and not getting rejected enough.  

Most of our social conditioning is designed to distance ourselves from others and find justifications to avoid other people.  This is not to say that those are the people that you need to spend your time on, but there’s no reason to stop a conversation with them when a little bit of calm, fearless, and skilled social attention could change their lives; and possibly yours.

We have helped hundreds of well-meaning socially awkward folks find love with people who would NEVER have looked at them twice and the retention rate of their relationships are about double the national average.  What that tells me (and I confess this is not very scientific) is that there are a lot of people out there passing up a lot of really good opportunities.

The Attractive Arts means to fix that.

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The founders of The Attractive Arts are Ava Maven and Cydian but we hungrily search for the most skillful people we can find and invite them on the team.  Check us out:






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