Ava Maven

Ava Maven, attraction expert and dating coach extraordinaire, began her life-cycle as a chubby, unpopular teenager. Affectionate but awkward, geeky and more than a little freaky, young Ava had to learn through trial and error how to grab and hold attention. With time and work, she eventually surpassed the friends to whom attraction had come so easily at first, and became regarded as the resident relationship and attraction expert.

Meanwhile, her many travels across Europe and elsewhere offered a cross-cultural perspective on dating, attraction, and relationships.

Ever a student of human sexuality, psychology, and the performance of our various social personae, she ultimately went to grad school and wrote her doctoral dissertation on large-scale social gatherings (specifically Halloween celebrations on contemporary college campuses as modern mating rituals). She ditched academia, though, when it became clear that her calling in life was to help people find not only knowledge, but love.

“Trying to separate passion from wisdom is like trying to suck the moisture out of mud. Even if you succeed, your only reward will be a mouthful of dry dirt.” -A.M.




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