The multi-faceted coach, Harmony, seamlessly weaves together queer, straight, poly, sex-positive, and just plain freaky communities.  Have you ever wondered what sort of edgy, adventurous communities are out there, just beneath the surface?  He will show you how to find what you barely dare to admit you want to find.

After overcoming crippling social phobia and shyness, Harmony longs to show you the joy of giving of yourself socially.  Flirting is a gift, to be given freely.  Harmony will teach you a perspective of abundance and freedom that will enrich your whole life.

Harmony’s perspective on attraction comes from pushing the limits in life, until the limits break down.  He has fought our society’s patriarchal paradigm by leading women’s spirituality groups, and performing with gender-bending queer performance art groups.  He focuses on feminism and encouragement of all flavors of sexual expression.  Harmony is a dancer, singer, and drag queen on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

In addition to teaching classes in flirting, dating, and sensual touch, Harmony coaches you to create events that inspire and fascinate others.  He shows you the easy road to attraction, where those you seek are magnetized to you.

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