Cydian Rake is our resident social dynamics expert. He likes to talk nerdy about love, throwing around words like kinesics, proxemics, and occulesics (go ahead, look them up. We’ll wait).

When we need to grasp the complexities of a seemingly simple idea, or to have a complex idea explained in simple terms, we go to Rake.

Rake began his journey into the world of seduction at a serious disadvantage. Firmly planted in the functional end of the aspergers spectrum, and having no tact or social skill, he knew he would have to learn by rote what other people did instinctively. So he became an avid observer of human interactions from the outside, ran social experiments on unsuspecting strangers, and finally became more socially savvy than all the “naturals” he had been studying. Though he still feels awkward at times, he trusts in his knowledge and fearlessly rocks the trial and error until he succeeds.

Rake is an inspiration to all our clients who struggle to integrate their emotional and rational selves, or who have been falsely told that you’re either born charming or you’re out of luck. When you want a wingman who is as brave as he is brilliant, or when you need the reasons and philosophy behind something fully explained to you, Rake is your guy.



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