Movie Reviews

This section is for my movie reviews.

For those of you who don’t already know I do movie reviews of those films which actually help (or hurt) people in their efforts to find love. Movies like “The Pick Up Artist” and “Hitch.”

Instead of giving a rating based on how good the film is, there are plenty of excellent film critics, I will instead base my rating on how useful the techniques shown would actually be. If I think watching the movie might make some industrious moviegoer into a would be Casanova then it gets a high rating. But if it would send you off in the wrong direction, usually gushing your affections all over someone with dogged persistence (I’m looking at you 80s teen movies) then it gets a low rating.

My reviews so far:


So as not to confuse these ratings with reviews of the movies themselves I am using kisses.


If emulating what you see in the movie will make you single for life, you’ll see this at the top:


If the movie teaches you all the right moves then you’ll see this at the top: