Personal Style Coaching

Personal Style Coaching

One of the most under-estimated areas of attraction is the importance of developing a unique personal style. In addition to affecting they way others view you, clothes and accessories can change the way you feel, the way you move, and the way you interact with people. As I outline in rule # 2, simple peacocking is so common these days that it isn’t enough just to put on a funny hat or a pair of novelty glasses anymore. But I know how difficult it can be for men in particular to find wardrobe pieces that are unusual, affordable, and still feel like “you.” That’s why I created this special service to help you bring all your best qualities to the surface. In other words, to design your real-world avatar!

In our initial consultation, I help you visualize the kind of initial impression you want to be making. Then I help you achieve that vision in three simple steps.

1. We maximize the wardrobe you’ve already got by going through your closet and picking out the pieces that already support the look you’re trying to achieve.

2. I take you on a shopping expedition to fill in the gaps.

3. We create several different outfits and looks that radiate the kind of energy you want to bring into a room.

Price: $140 per coach per hour.