Two Girls on Dating

Bringing you.. Online Dating Etiquettes!

We’re here to help you. We offer Online Dating Etiquettes, or ODEs, intended to help you improve your game. (Yes, it’s a game! A wonderful game that can result in True Love or Really Fun Times.)

Many missteps in online dating are avoidable. Our job is to help.

Who are you people?

We love that you asked! We are two girls (women — we like the friendly feel of “girls”) who want to change the world of online (and off-line) dating to make it a better place for everyone.

Because we care. Because we can. Because we know our stuff.

Someone sent me an ODE. Why?

The person who sent you the ODE link, who we call the Person In Question (PIQ) cares enough about you to use us to tell you that the message you sent them did not induce the positive response you were hoping for.

*sad trombone music*

Rather than simply deleting your online dating message (which they could have done!) the PIQ decided to send you to us, so that we could explain what went wrong and how you can better your chances of a positive response next time.


Your ODE pissed me off!

Tell us more! But don’t waste your vitriol on the person who sent you this link – send it to us instead. After all, we’re the conceited, Know-It-All byatches who were willing to tell you what you were doing wrong. Drop us a note at and give us a piece of your mind.


Ava and Sophia (Two Girls. On Dating. Yeah.)