One word answers and catcalls not enough – say more

Congrats! Someone cares enough about you to want you to improve your on-line dating chops. They could have just ignored you — instead they directed you to us.

First, please locate your pride. It might be getting loud. Find the volume knob and turn that sucker down. It’s not here to help you, but we are.

What went wrong:

Your opening line sounded like something yelled out the window of a passing car along with a whistle. That’s right, you sent your Person in Question an on-line catcall.

An example:

HIM: Hey hottie
Me: Really? Two words? I didn’t even merit a complete sentence?
HIM: U R priceless. What R U looking for?
Me: Someone who can be bothered to type out actual words?
HIM: So am I ur type?

Don’t be that guy.

What you should do instead:

Address the PIQ (Person In Question) with at least one complete sentence. Your PIQ needs to see you put forth a bit more effort than a couple of words, or they aren’t going to be inspired to write you back.

What should I say? Find something about the person’s profile or picture that intrigues you, then ask a question, or better yet, make a conjecture about it. For example, if your PIQ likes sushi, you could open with, “I’ll bet you roll your own.” Or just tell them what you think you might have in common.

Now… get back in the ring and try again! We wish you good game!


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