Too much LOLspeak

Congrats! Some Person in Question (PIQ) cared enough about you to send you here to improve your on-line dating chops. Rather than just ignore you, they sent you to us.

Got your pride handy? Good! Turn its volume down, okay? Just for a moment so you can hear us.

What went wrong:

When you use LOLspeak or textspeak (i.e. “u r 2 good 2 b true LOL”), it sends one (or more) of three unfortunate messages to your PIQ:

  1. I am not well educated.
  2. I am too busy (read “lazy”) to type out actual words.
  3. You’re not worth the time it would take me to find those extra letters on the keyboard

Ouch. On all counts.

What you should do instead:

Take the time to spell out complete words in your online dating messages. Use complete words and full sentences, unless or until the PIQ is comfortable enough with you that s/he starts using LOLspeak. (Then it’s totally on.)

Because you are not a cat. You have all the necessary letters and prehensile appendages at your disposal. To impress the PIQ, use them.

Now… get back in the ring and try again! We wish you good game!


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