Read the profile first

Congrats! Someone cares enough about you to want you to improve your on-line dating chops. They didn’t just ignore you. That says something.

So we’re going to help. First, we ask you to find your ego, and set it aside for just a few moments.

What went wrong:

You didn’t read the profile of the PIQ (Person In Question) well enough. Maybe not well at all. Thing is, profiles often include useful and specific instructions, boundaries, pet peeves, or important information.

For example, Sophia has “Local only” in a prominent location on her profile yet she gets messages from far-away folks every day.

Ava clearly states that she is bisexual and polyamorous, but that didn’t stop one couple from writing:

“You don’t seem like the type, but what the hell. Have you ever considered being with a couple?”

If Ava doesn’t “seem like the type,” who does?

What you should do instead:

Read the damned profile. Yes, the whole thing.

Well, okay, at least most of it.

Can’t get through it? Then move on! If you’re already bored a little way in, how do you think the first date is going to go? Abandon ship!

If you’re not sure what to say so you don’t sound just like all the other guys with the same old lame stuff, the profile will give you many good clues. So read it.

Now… get back in there and read some profiles! We wish you good game!


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